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Our counselling sessions together will look at how your emotional difficulties have come to be. Using elements of theory and practice to create a way of us working together that suits you and your needs. I will gently offer you a different perspective as well as helping you to uncover any patterns you have found yourself experiencing throughout your life.

Sessions are in person or online 

45.00 per session



Unlike counselling my coaching sessions are a practical and proactive way to explore what is going on for you and to find a way to live a more fulfilling life. The sessions are more conversational and solution focused. I won’t encourage any digging up lots of emotional or past issue. These sessions are very much about the here and now. The focus will be on empowerment, gaining insight, challenging yourself and learning to understand yourself a bit better.

Sessions can be booked in blocks or as one off sessions, whichever suits your goals and lifestyle. Sessions can be in any environment you feel comfortable and clients often like to meet in a cafe or go for a walk. Sessions can be arranged at times that suit you and do not have to be the same day and time each week.

45.00 per session


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Online and live courses

Self Esteem

Emotional Eating

These course will be in a group format. Learning from the experiences of others is a powerful learning tool. For those who can't make it to live courses we will have online options available.

For more information or to register your interest please email 

Self Care Course

6 week course exploring the concept of self care and how this applies to you. We will uncover your current relationship with self care and work together to create a comprehensive self care plan that works for you.

240.00 for 6 week course

Coming June 2020

Day retreat